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    Lianyungang Dead Sea Bromine Company Ltd.
    100% Methyl bromide
    98% Methyl bromide compressed gas preparation (abbreviation 98% methyl bromide)(98% methyl bromide+2% chloropicrin warning agent)
    Methylene dithiocyanate(MBT)

    Lianyungang Dead Sea Bromine Company Ltd.
    Address: Banqiao industrial park, Lianyun district, Lianyungang city, Jiangsu
    Zip Code:222066
    Tel: +86-518-82320777; 82303504; 82253588
    Fax: +86-518-82303760
    E-mail: lygdsbg@pub.lyg.jsinfo.net
    Website: www.explorechamp.com

    The company held 2015 annual meeting

            In February 10, 2015, the company held its 2015 annual meeting at the Haizhou Bay Convention Center, the company chairman Haim Koren and other directors to attend the annual meeting of the Chinese and foreign parties. Annual meeting of company general manager in 2014 to the enterprise operation are summarized, at the same time the team advanced 2014 annual emerging and excellent employees were commended. Years will also prepare interactive activities interesting and wonderful program, we spent a memorable night in the laughter.

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