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    Lianyungang Dead Sea Bromine Company Ltd.
    100% Methyl bromide
    98% Methyl bromide compressed gas preparation (abbreviation 98% methyl bromide)(98% methyl bromide+2% chloropicrin warning agent)
    Methylene dithiocyanate(MBT)

    Lianyungang Dead Sea Bromine Company Ltd.
    Address: Banqiao industrial park, Lianyun district, Lianyungang city, Jiangsu
    Zip Code:222066
    Tel: +86-518-82320777; 82303504; 82253588
    Fax: +86-518-82303760
    E-mail: lygdsbg@pub.lyg.jsinfo.net
    Website: www.explorechamp.com


    In 1997, it was rated as "top-10 foreign-invested enterprises"; ?
    In 1998, "top-10 foreign-invested chemical enterprises in Jiangsu";?
    In 1998, "top-10 projects for technological progress" in Lianyungang city; ?
    In 2000, "high-tech enterprise in Lianyungang";?
    In 2000, "key protection enterprise" in Lianyungang city;
    In 2001, 98% methyl bromide compressed gas preparation (abbreviation 98% methyl bromide) (canned) product won high-tech product certificate issued by State Economic and Trade Commission.
    In 2001, the company passed quality management system certification.
    In 2003, the company was rated as "key protective industrial enterprise" of municipal government.
    In 2004, the company passed the environmental management system certification.
    In 2006, the company passed occupational health and safety certification.
    In 2007, "Methylene dithiocyanate" was rated as "high-tech product" by Jiangsu Science and Technology Agency.
    In 2009, the company passed the "safety production standardization B level enterprise" certification.
    In 2013, it was evaluated as "demonstration enterprise for occupational health management in 2012".

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