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    Lianyungang Dead Sea Bromine Company Ltd.
    100% Methyl bromide
    98% Methyl bromide compressed gas preparation (abbreviation 98% methyl bromide)(98% methyl bromide+2% chloropicrin warning agent)
    Methylene dithiocyanate(MBT)

    Lianyungang Dead Sea Bromine Company Ltd.
    Address: Banqiao industrial park, Lianyun district, Lianyungang city, Jiangsu
    Zip Code:222066
    Tel: +86-518-82320777; 82303504; 82253588
    Fax: +86-518-82303760
    E-mail: lygdsbg@pub.lyg.jsinfo.net
    Website: www.explorechamp.com


    Lianyungang Dead Sea Bromine Company Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise, which was founded by Israel Dead Sea Group and Lihai Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd of Lianyungang Industry Investment Group. It is the largest methyl bromide manufacturer in Asia currently. As subsidiary of ICL, the company enjoys advantaged bromine resources, technological superiority of Israel Dead Sea Group, and excellent industrial policy and cultural environment of Lianyungang. For 20 years’ effort, the company has fully upgraded aspects such as infrastructure, environment, safety, process control, product quality, etc. Our products are sold well in China as well as in international markets.

    Main products are fumigant methyl bromide and water treatment agent methylene dithiocyanate (MBT). At present, the company is capable of producing 4, 000 tons of methyl bromide and 500 tons of methylene dithiocyanate each year. Methyl bromide is widely used in quarantine of animals and plants, shipping cargo, container, wooden package, and soil fumigation for important commercial crops such as ginger, strawberry, vegetable, fruit, lawn, Chinese herbal medicine, etc. In addition, methyl bromide can also be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, spice and other industries. Methylene dithiocyanate is a broad-spectrum efficient fungicide, which can be widely used as water treatment agent, industrial mould inhibitor, pesticide, fish feed, etc. Based on imported equipment and international advanced technologies, and quality policy of "safety, efficiency, thoughtful kindness; top grade quality, perfection, customer top", our product qualities have reached international advanced level. The company is highly praised by customers for reliable quality, reasonable price and considerate service.

    The company first passed the quality (ISO9001: 2008), environmental (ISO14001: 2004), occupational health and safety (GB/T28001-2001) and other international management system authentications in the industry. Moreover, the company is one of the first owners of safety production standardization class B certification, and it has successfully passed the green factory authentication of the head office.

    We would like to cooperate with you for creating bright future!

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